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Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer
  • Canton Creek
  • Stockholm
  • Bradford
  • Mountain Fieldstone
  • Virginia Ledgestone
  • And many others...

Hyde Park Masonry & Landscape Supplies offers a wide range of high quality stone veneer for sale to DIYers, contractors, masons, artisans, and landscape artists. We carry some of the finest veneer collections in the market today, all supplied by industry leaders.

Specifically, we have the following premium grade stone veneer up for grabs:

Stone Veneer Canyon Creek. Canyon Creek comes in golden brown hues, flats and corners, and 4”-12” height and 8”-20” length variants. They are perfect for columns, facades, exterior walls, interior and exterior fireplace, chimneys, and more. They elicit subdued, pensive mood and are perfect for those who wish to have a relaxing moment.

Stockholm. This stone veneer is available in grays and blacks, flats and corners, and in 4”-12” height and 8”-20” length variants. Stockholm is yet another stone veneer line that is ideal for the minimalist.

Bradford. You can choose different colors from light brown to buff hues. They are available in 4”-12” height and 8”-20” length variants. Bradford veneers provides a rustic appeal with its minimalist look that people with conservative taste will surely love.

Mountain Fieldstone. Our Mountain Fieldstone collection comes in gorgeous flats and corners. They come in earth hues and are perfect if you want a reflective, subdued mood.

Virginia Ledgestone. This ledgestone is available in silver and brown colors, flats and corners, and 1”-4” height and 4”-14” length variants. Our Virginia Ledgestone veneers offer a stunning look and feel that would make any exterior or exterior wall extraordinary. Whether it’s for the facade, living room, fireplace, or artificial waterfalls, our Virginia Ledgestone veneer collection is bound to amaze and inspire.

Why Buy Our Stone Veneers?

The stone veneer collections that we offer are all thin by industry standards. What this means is that they are relatively easy to install. Additionally, the easy installation also means that it won’t cost you much on labor costs (if you hired someone to do it) or it would be a breeze on your part if you choose to do a DIY job instead.

Stone Veneer Moreover, with the huge inventory that we have, any DIY homeowner or a contractor can have a stunning wall project with the exact look and feel that they have on mind.

Aside from the mentioned stone veneer collections, we may also accommodate specific requests for other veneer collections. Just let us know if you have a particular veneer type in mind and we will gladly check with our partner suppliers if such type is available in them. Also, whether you only want a few dozen pieces or you wish to buy in bulk, we can nevertheless supply any volume orders of our premium stone veneers.

Contact us today to know more about our affordable veneer collection. A friendly staff will be standing by to address your query. Or if you have the spare time, just feel free to drop by our Hyde Park office to see first-hand and choose from our collection of stone veneer for that DIY or large-scale wall project that you have.

Get the landscape or home improvement results that you want by using our premium veneer collections.
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