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Crushed Stone

Stone, in all its forms and sizes, is a great material because of its varied uses in any construction, whether it is for a home or a landscape. There are huge boulders for centerpieces, average to large-sized stones for walls, floors, and patios, as well as crushed stone, which have a lot of uses too.

Crushed Stone

Where Does Crushed Stone Come From?

Crushed stone is actually a remnant of large stones. They may have disintegrated naturally due to the passage of time or intentionally crushed with modern-day tools that are specifically used for that purpose. Natural stones like marble, limestone, granite, slate, bluestone, and river pebbles are some of the sources of crushed stone.

What are the Sizes of Crushed Stone?

Crushed stone can be as big as a baseball or as small as a dust particle. Each size has a specific use in construction and masonry works. The following are the different types, classifications, and their common uses:

Crushed Stone
  • 1 & 2 2" - 4". This is the biggest type of crushed stone which is big enough to fit in an adult’s hand, much like a softball or a baseball. It is ideal for ponds, foundations, and for areas where flooding is a problem.

  • 4 2". This stone is like a golf ball in size. It’s the type you see in railroads and is also used as filler.

  • 57 1/4" - 1". As small as a walnut, this crushed stone can be mixed with concrete or asphalt for roads, driveways, walkways, or pavements.

  • 67 3/4". Are you in need of durable fillers for your garage flooring or parking lot? Then, this is the right size for you because it can give such areas the strength to withstand extreme pressure from cars and other vehicles but safe for their tires.

  • 8 1/8" - 1/2". This peanut-sized crushed stone is best used for asphalt, pipe bedding, drainage, and areas where there is more traffic, like driveways and walkways. It forms smooth but hard surfaces that are safe to walk on even when wet.

  • 7 1-8. This is ideal for mulching, walkways, pathways, and bicycle alleys.

  • Stone dust or screenings. It is the smallest-sized crushed stone. It is used in combination with other aggregates to form very b and durable surfaces.

Premium Crushed Stone

You should buy only from reputable stores to guarantee product quality and authenticity. Crushed stone that comes from real natural stones can last longer than you think, which may be the opposite for those made from synthetic materials. Plus, of course, you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals that can harm your soil and plants.

Crushed Stone

Can Supply Residential and Commercial Clients

Hyde Park Masonry & Landscape Supplies has all types of crushed stone for residential or commercial applications. We only get our materials from the most reliable quarry companies in the state, so you can be assured of steady supply and genuine products no matter how big or how small your projects are. Visit our Hyde Park to see some samples of our stone products.