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Aggregates are always necessary whether you are building something from scratch or having a room addition or building new hardscapes in your property. It won’t matter also whether this project is a small residential or a big commercial one. Hyde Park Masonry & Landscape Supplies can provide you with whatever amount or type of aggregate needed for your project.

What Do You Need?

Aggregates Aggregate is actually a very broad term that simply means any coarse construction material. This includes recycled concrete, slag, crushed stones, gravel, and sand. It is important to familiarize yourself with the different varieties so you will know exactly what to order for your project:

Granite. This is the most common type, which is understandable because granite is the most common stone on the planet. It is composed of mica crystals, quarts, and feldspar. It’s considered to be the best choice for making high-grade concrete because it is highly solid, frost resistant, and has low flakiness. It’s also beautiful with varied colors, like pink, red, and grey. Smoothen its surface and it becomes even more beautiful.

Granite is crushed into different millimeters, providing more aggregate varieties. Sand is obviously the smallest at 0 to 2 mm. More sizes are available but the most common is the 5-to-100-mm variety, which is used in concrete production.

Gravel. Sift quarried rocks and you’ll get gravel. Sometimes, natural stone rocks are crushed to make gravel. What makes this attractive is its very low radioactive background and cheaper cost. That’s why it’s mostly used in foundations and reinforced concrete.

Limestone. Like gravel and granite, this is also used for road construction and production of reinforced concrete. But unlike them, this is made out of sedimentary rock, composed majority of calcite.

Secondary Aggregate. As the name implies, this type is made from construction waste, like asphalt, bricks, and concrete. That’s why it is cheaper and, therefore, the green aggregate. It can be used for concrete, maintenance works, and for reinforcing weak soils.

Slag. What makes slag unique is that it can be both filler and a binding agent. That’s why concrete made with this is usually up to 30% cheaper than the traditional options.

You Need It For What?

Aggregates are very versatile and good at what they do. Most of our clients use them for:

  • Road construction. The road itself needs fillers, and the paved surface of a finished road will still need some gravel.
  • Erosion control. Whether for a public place or a private property, erosion control is necessary. And aggregates are good at that.
  • Commercial and residential construction. This material is most commonly applied for the foundation up to building of various structures, including outdoor living spaces.

Still confused which of these types to choose? We will help you pick the best. Talk with our in-house expert to know more information.

Hyde Park Masonry & Landscape Supplies is the one-stop shop for all your construction needs. We have offices in Hyde Park and Norwood to serve you better. We can supply no matter what you need and no matter how much. Call us for all your needs, whether aggregates or related landscaping and masonry products.