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Mulch is necessary in gardening or landscaping. This pile of dried grasses or wood chips primarily provides a good barrier for soil that will, otherwise, lose its moisture. It’s also a good way to keep weeds under control while improving a garden bed’s look.

Surprising Benefits and Uses

Mulch In horticulture, mulch is used in three different seasons. Use it in spring to stop or delay any weed germination. Use it in the middle of summer to protect a plant’s roots from intense heat or moisture loss. Protect the roots from the freezing cold by using it early winter. It can still be used in other times that are not mentioned. In fact, it can be used all year round to add aesthetics appeal for a garden and to improve quality of soil’s organic materials.

Common Types of Mulches

Mulch is definitely a must-have in every garden. But this material can do more harm than good if the wrong type or kind is used. Here are some of the most common types and their pros and cons:

  • Grass clippings. This is cheap, always available, and easily applied. But it decays so quickly that it needs more frequent replenishing. It can also negatively affect other plants when combined with fertilizers and weed killers. Grass can also turn slimy, germinate, and grow unlikeable grasses.
  • Wood chips. This looks neat and nice and very slow to decay. But beware because some types of wood are not recommended for mulching.
  • Leaves. This is the best choice for keeping weeds away while holding soil moisture. But it’s not as attractive as the other types and can germinate like grass clippings.
  • Peat moss. It’s neat and versatile but can repel water and can become crusty.
  • Straw and Hay. This is cheap and easily applied. But it can also attract house rodents and weeds when applied too thickly.

There are more types of mulches that you can use on your landscape. They have their pros and cons, but we are here to help you make the best choice.

What We Offer

Mulch Hyde Park Masonry & Landscape Supplies has been serving Massachusetts since 1982. We are proud to be one of the leading suppliers in the state, gaining the trust of clients through the years. With us, you don’t need to look any further when searching for the best mulch for your garden or property.

We have tested almost all brands of mulch in the market, so we are able to trim down the choices to only a few. These are the mulches that are proven effective and, at the same time, provide the aesthetic boost that you need in your landscape.

You can choose from the different variants of our wood mulches, such as:

  • Pine mulch
  • Hardwood mulch
  • Hemlock mulch
  • Cedar mulch
  • Eucalyptus mulch
  • Cypress mulch

Add More Color to Your Landscape

Mulch For that added beauty in your garden or the entire landscaped area, we recommend our colored mulches. They are available in red, brown, black, and gold. You don’t have to worry if you need large quantities of these colored mulches since we can provide whatever quantity your project needs.

We have been supplying quality mulches for commercial and residential property owners in Massachusetts. Even landscape companies get their supplies from us. So when it comes to mulch and other landscaping supply needs, you know exactly where to go — at Hyde Park Masonry & Landscape Supplies. Contact us for more information or visit us at our stores.