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Landscaping Products

Landscaping Products In addition to pavers, retaining wall systems and other masonry products a landscape requires a number of other materials and products such as mulches, aggregates, loam etc. Its important that you opt for good quality landscaping materials as they will improve the appearance and health of your outdoor spaces.

For over 36 years, we at Hyde Park Masonry and Supplies have been proudly serving clients in Boston, Metro West, and Southeastern Massachusetts. In addition to our highly popular masonry products, we also carry an impressive selection of top quality, landscaping products that can be used in residential and commercial projects alike.

We cater to both, the commercial and residential markets and offer wide variety of landscaping products at very competitive pricing. These products are supplied from either our Hyde Park or Norwood locations, and you can rest assured that you will get the best products, delivered to your project site on time. Some of the products we can supply include:

  1. Crushed Stone

    Stone is a very commonly used material in landscaping projects and has a variety of applications. In fact, it’s used in exterior as well as interior spaces in a number of different ways. You can source stone for gardens, patios, flooring, walls and more.

  2. Aggregate

    These are required when you’re constructing something from the ground up or are upgrading your landscaped spaces. We supply all types of aggregate for residential and commercial projects and can provide the quality you need.

  3. Mulch

    Mulch is required in landscaping and gardening. It helps prevent moisture loss from the ground, and retains the temperature of the soil. Aside from this, it adds a stunning look to the landscape as well and control weed growth in garden beds. We carry a variety of mulches of different brands and you can choose from:

    • Pine mulch
    • Cedar mulch
    • Eucalyptus mulch
    • Cypress mulch
    • Hardwood mulch
    • Hemlock mulch

Timely Delivery of Landscaping Supplies

In addition to these products you can also source screened loam, fill and much more from us. When you choose to get your landscaping supplies from our company, you’re assured of the best products, delivered on time, in the quantities you require.

If you are looking for top quality landscaping supplies or any other hardscaping supplies, feel free to contact Hyde Park Masonry and Supplies at the Hyde Park Office: 617-364-5485. Feel free to use this Contact Us form to send us your queries or requests.