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Masonry Products

Masonry Products Hyde Park Masonry and Supplies has a variety of stocked, commonly used, items on site and an even larger number of products available to choose from. If you do not see it in stock, just ask. We can provide just about any masonry materials you need for your project and can help you choose the right product for your situation.

In addition, if you need to recycle items from your masonry project, give us a call.

Durable Natural Stones

Masonry Products Who can resist the natural beauty of quarried stones? Unlike other masonry products, these were created by nature. The aesthetic appeal alone is already worth all the effort and time getting them from various quarry sites around the country. Plus it’s known to many that natural stone is the best in terms of durability. Just look at the old structures made out of cobble stones, flag stones, and blue stones. They are now preserved as historical treasures.

Your project can also enjoy the same glory with the following natural stones that we have in our stock:

Masonry Products
  • Cobble Stones
  • Flag stones
  • Blue Stones
  • Fieldstones
  • Round stones

If your choice is not on this list, just tell us and we will source it for you. Other stones that are also popular for outdoor areas are marble and granite. For clients who want a cheaper alternative, we also have different cultured stones for you to choose from. They are manufactured and mimic the looks and feel of natural stones. In some cases, you may also choose stone veneers if you’re chiefly after visual appeal for your walls.

Beautiful Stone Veneers

If a structure is already built and you want to give it a new face-lift, consider stone veneers. We have thin stone veneers for easy installation. They only weigh less than 15 pounds every square foot, so they will not be a burden to your existing structures. Here are some of our stone veneer designs:

Masonry Products
  • Canton Creek
  • Stockholm
  • Bradford
  • Mountain Fieldstone
  • Virginia Ledgestone

Choose from the variety of textures, designs, shapes, and colors available. We also have manufactured and natural veneers. They can be used anywhere — from covering columns to giving a wall an elegant change.

Premium Blocks and Pavers

Masonry Products We can’t call our collection of masonry products complete without blocks and pavers. These can be used anywhere—from fireplaces and seating to patios and outdoor kitchens. To deliver you the best, Hyde Park Masonry & Landscape Supplies is a proud partner of leading masonry product manufacturers in the country, including partnerships with Allan Block and Bolduc.

Below are the products that they offer and why we choose them as one of our suppliers:

Allan Block

Allan Block manufactures pavers for all applications, like retaining walls, seating and patio walls, privacy fencing, and sound barriers. All their masonry products are designed with natural beauty in mind. The following collection is guaranteed to blend well to any surroundings.

Masonry Products
  • Ashlar Blend
  • Classic Collection
  • Europa Collection
  • Courtyard Collection


Bolduc has been in the blocks and pavers industry for at least 50 years. They are known in the field of rich-color pavers that truly stand out from the crowd. Here are some of their top masonry products.

Masonry Products
  • New England Pavers
  • Slope Blocks
  • Mesa Blocks
  • Luna Pavers
  • High Resistance Series

Are the masonry supplies you’re looking for not in our list? No worries! Call us and we’ll get those for you. We supply everyone, too — from weekend hobbyists to architects and engineers. So it won’t matter how much you need - we will deliver any landscape or masonry products anywhere you are in Massachusetts.